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SSD hosting:

  • How to create an email account?
  • How do I go to the file manager?
  • How to create a SQL database?
  • How to log into phpMyAdmin?
  • How to install a WordPress CMS?
  • How to change PHP version?

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The point in dispute: who is the owner of the domain?

Businesses in particular should pay attention to proper registration when registering a domain. For many Internet users, their own domain name is now as much a part of the Internet as their e-mail address. Falling

HTTP Status Code

HTTP status codes respond to a request from a client (web browser) trying to access the URL. They tell you whether the request was successful or not. The responses (HTTP status codes) share

How to transfer the website to another hosting?

Moving WordPress websites involves many activities that must be performed on the side of both the service management panel, as well as the FTP server, or even the settings of the website itself. To these

How to go to the hosting panel?

You will get access to the Plesk panel, the hosting administrator panel, after logging in to the customer panel. Check how to do it with our instructions. How to go to the hosting panel? Popular settings in