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Our extremely reliable i efficient web hosting is here to help you and your websites succeed. You can even choose to host on ours Turbo Serversto load pages at speeds up to 10 times greater than competing hosting solutions!

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The fastest HOSTING in the 100% on high-speed NVMe SSDs

Our priority is the quality of services. We only use reliable and modern facilities, the fastest SSDs on the market, and daily auto backup.

Hosting on NVMe SSD disks, with technology of unlimited performance for the offered Website Hosting. Our platform for the fastest Website Hosting was created in 2011 based on SSD disks. The creation of the service was to meet the market needs by providing the fastest and stable hosting service in modern technology. Providing clients with smooth development of demanding business projects on the Internet. We have created an optimally cheap website hosting using the latest available technologies around the world, working with IT market leaders such as Odin. The goal was to create Cheap Web Hosting with the latest technology available.

In the following years, the main task was to develop our platform to obtain the best possible performance of the full potential of high-speed SSD servers. We have introduced special configurations on all DoSieci servers ensuring the most efficient work of our Hosting services. So that all free server resources are used for the hosting accounts on the server. Thus, it accelerated the SEO development of many of our clients' projects. Today's DoSnet SSD Hosting is the fastest hosting on the market at a good price. We provide the highest possible quality of the Hosting service, while offering convenient and easy and mobile management of Website Hosting. We are distinguished by an experienced team of the best specialists of comprehensive assistance for each client of our company.

We offer Hosting Plans selected on the basis of two basic server resources or the popularity of websites on the web. Hosting, which, combined with modern software and effective protection against malicious attacks in the network, has successfully ensured stable development of the largest business projects for our clients for years.

Comprehensive customer service is the greatest asset of our team of DoSieci specialists. We contribute to the development of online business, as well as making it as easy as possible to run it.

Performance and reliability

Hosting on SSD drives allows you to process over 40,000 requests per second, which guarantees immediate service inquiries and very quick access. Such website hosting brings many benefits that are most noticeable when using the server function and website positioning.

Generation and display time websites on SSD's Hosting much faster and allows for handling more users. This advantage is appreciated by the owners of online stores and all customer-centric companies for whom fast and stable website represents a significant competitive advantage.


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Plesk Panel

Plesk Onyx Management Panel

Plesk Onyx Account Management Software Hosting is a simple, fast and intuitive way to independently maintain your website, email accounts and web applications. We offer the possibility of using a modern SSD Hosting platform provided by

The panel is also great for mobile devices. You can fully manage your Plesk services with your phone. The system works fully on mobile devices.

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Application autoinstaller

Over 260 apps available for installation with just a few clicks.

Aplikacje Hosting
Nginx server

NGINX Server

NGINX accelerates the generation of content and applications, increases security, facilitates accessibility and scalability for the most popular websites on the Internet.

Why SSD Hosting?

The fastest website hosting in Poland!

Perfect Hosting for demanding scripts and projects. Fast SSD Server for efficient Website Hosting with unlimited resources that are not allocated as standard on less efficient Hosting with a classic disk array.  

Hosting SSD

SSD hosting recommended for

Perfect Hosting for Everyone!

If you plan to change your current server operator, we are ready to transfer your sites and email accounts on request. We will carry out migrations in a professional style, without the slightest interruption in access to your services. Best of all, we don't charge extra for it! See for yourself how much you can improve the operation of your websites or email boxes at
It fulfills the needs of internet business of large companies and private enterprises. Webmasters try to keep abreast of new technologies and implement them in a timely manner. When choosing SSD servers for hosting, we make the best choice, because it affects the speed, security and stability of the website. Knowing the priorities of our customers, we have created the best "SSD Hosting" service that allows you to use our resources without restrictions at a very good price.

Modern SSD Hosting platform of fast Servers on fast SSD disks, unlimited bandwidth, any number of websites and domains on one account, availability time is 99.9%, convenient and mobile interface of the Management Panel (Plesk Panel). We guarantee daily backups that will fully ensure the security of your data.

Buying hosting is now even easier! We do not make many tariffs that are difficult to understand. We offer one "unlimited" tariff. This is the best solution on the market, where high quality of services does not translate into high costs.

By using the latest virtualization possibilities, we are able to offer our clients reliable websites at surprisingly low prices. It does not work on a cheap-to-bad basis. Unlimited virtual hosting is more affordable than renting servers and more secure than using traditional hosting.

It is unpleasant when you come across limitations in your hosting. For example, the required libraries are not supported or it is impossible to create a large number of e-mail addresses. Such problems have to be solved by carrying out a large number of processes by qualified administrators, which is very time-consuming - thus they are no longer "cheap".

By using the latest virtualization capabilities, we are able to offer our clients reliable websites at surprisingly low prices. And it doesn't work on a cheap-to-bad basis. Unlimited virtual hosting is more affordable than server rental and safer than traditional hosting.

We put a lot of effort into using the fast SSD server for hosting as efficiently as possible. Your online projects will develop steadily and smoothly. Even the most daring ideas will be realized. We will rise to the occasion. WE OFFER THE BEST WAY FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE ALL YOUR GOALS BY DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS ON THE NETWORK WITHOUT OBSTACLES "FAST HOSTING OF WEBSITES" FROM DOSIECI.PL - YOUR SUCCESS IN BUSINESS IS UNEXPECTED!

We cannot speak of integrity without taking any action to prevent crisis situations. The Hosting Operator must provide: Backup. We provide daily backups, not only of files, but also databases in automatic mode with email accounts. Access to any of the backups created automatically by the server is always possible from the level of your Control Panel - backup manager. In this way, you can restore not only the operation of the website on your server, but also any file that has been recently deleted.

There was a stereotype that hosting services were created by private webmasters who were well versed in technical intricacies only for large companies. The unlimited SSD hosting services we offer make you stop thinking about technical limitations and make it much easier to implement even the boldest business ideas. The only limitation is your imagination. Do you need more computing power? With "unlimited" SSD hosting, you can get all the resources you need and easily scale as your project grows.

The space for domains and sub-domains is unlimited. The number of new e-mail addresses is unlimited. The database is unlimited in size. You can register domains in PL, .com, .net, .org, .biz and many other zones and use it at your discretion. The number of sent and received information is unlimited, so you do not have to worry about the data transfer used. We offer all the conditions for executing scripts and CMS applications: PHP, Perl, CGI, SSL, Zend and many more. There are over 260 ready-to-install scripts in your customer account. If you do not find a ready-made script on the list, you can always install it yourself. Of course, you can also count on our technical support team for the Hosting service.